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LOL so. this is what happens when you watch too much True Blood. And after I posted some of this to Twitter, jecca_o9 linked me to this and now I think I'm lost in vampire!verse. :/


For my Key, ontokki, who is going to write a better vampire fic. This is just a warm up and a token of my love. :3 ♥

It was just blood.

For two centuries, Kim Jonghyun fed on the blood of human after human after human. Each bringing him no more than a barely-satiated thirst and a hardly-satisfied hunger. For Jonghyun, The Hunt was devoid of pleasure, excitement, and thrills. It was nothing more than a boring chore for him, a necessary routine. Years went by and nothing changed, besides the clothes, hair, technology, and the people, everything stayed the same. Hunt. Feed. Sleep. Jonghyun would sometimes entertain the thought of standing on a rooftop and watching the sun come up, just to feel something different for once. He was fully aware of how pathetic he’d become.

If Jonghyun still cared to keep track of days, he would know that all that had changed on a Tuesday night.

There was nothing particularly special about Him. The harsh orange light from the food stall showed a boy of no more than sixteen, his school uniform wrinkled from a long day, striped tie loosened, revealing a delicate clavicle and pale skin. Jonghyun always noticed the clavicle first when it came to his prey. Nothing about the boy’s features stood out as he stood there, biting his lip as he played with the change in his pocket. Jonghyun could hear the coins clinking together, could hear the grease sizzling, the inane conversation the two girls behind Him were engaged in.

Louder than anything, though, he could hear His blood pumping through His body. The slow rhythm working its way into Jonghyun’s mind, and if he had a heartbeat of his own, he thinks it might follow that same beat.

What was it about this boy.

Jonghyun waited and watched from his spot near the crowded subway entrance, hands in his coat pockets. ignoring the women who threw interested glances his way. He watched the boy, watched His ordinary features as He bit into that ordinary food, before He turned and walked towards the subway entrance Jonghyun was standing near, most probably on the way to the end of another ordinary day.

Humans and their ordinary, boring routines. Not so different from vampires after all.

It was with shocked, curious eyes that the boy, whose cheekbones were unusually high and whose hair fell messily into his face, introduced himself as “Kim…Kim Kibum.” when Jonghyun gave his own name and held out his hand with a bright smile. They stood just feet from the steps leading to the subway, people pushing past, jostling them a few times.

Their hands touched. His - Kim Kibum’s - eyes shot down to their hands, his eyed widening slightly even as he made no move to let go. Jonghyun laughed and explained that he’d just eaten ice cream, so he was sorry if his hands were cold. Kibum didn’t respond and Jonghyun laughed again.

It wasn’t hard for him to get Kibum to follow him to a more secluded area. A low suggestion in the right tone could have any human eating out of his hand on their knees. They walked, the sounds of the main street drifting away until all Jonghyun could hear was their shoes on the cracked asphalt, the occasional window closing or opening in the apartments they passed, and of course, Kibum’s steady, hypnotic heartbeat. It pounded in his ears, feeding the mounting anticipation that he could feel from his throat to his groin.

He would feed from this boy, this Kim Kibum, nice and slow - he couldn’t remember the last time he’d heard such a powerful, intoxicating heartbeat.

They’d reached the spot; a dark, secluded part of an alleyway connecting two streets. His words could only go so far, and he knew the second he bit into the boy, there would be a struggle, there would be screams. There was still a dazed look in Kibum’s eyes as Jonghyun backed him against a wall, grabbing his brown leather book bag and tossing it to the ground - not too far from where they stood, as it would help with identification if a pack of starving stray animals found the boy’s body long before another human did.

Jonghyun wasn’t a total monster.

Kibum’s eyes fluttered closed as Jonghyun pressed their bodies closer together, his back pushing against the wall. Jonghyun trailed a lazy finger across Kibum’s jaw and down his neck, stopping at the slightly loosened tie, his hand yanking the cloth and loosening it a bit more. With each tug of the striped uniform tie, Kibum’s breath hitched, his fingers lazily grabbing at the dirty brick wall behind him with each small jerk. Jonghyun watched the reaction, and letting his curiosity get the better of him, he kept his left hand wrapped in the boy’s tie and brought up his right hand to trail through Kibum’s too-straight dark brown hair. The reaction was almost instant; Kibum’s head fell back against the wall as he let out a small gasp, which turned into a low moan when Jonghyun tugged a handful of his hair.

Out of all the people Jonghyun had worked that particular power on, none of them had reacted in such a way. There was the occasional human who experienced a sort of euphoria when under Jonghyun’s control, but this was different. It was almost as if Jonghyun’s power was an aphrodisiac to the boy.

Before Jonghyun knew what he was doing, he pressed their groins together, biting his lip with even teeth when Kibum gasped and tossed his head to the side. The boy’s hair fell across his closed eyes, his smooth, pale neck exposed mere centimeters from Jonghyun’s mouth. Jonghyun lowered his face and took in the boy’s scent, his hand dropping from the loosened tie to Kibum’s leg, grabbing the boy’s thigh and slowly licking his neck as his leg curled around his waist, pulling their bodies impossibly close.

Kibum was high on Jonghyun‘s power, and Jonghyun was feeling something he hadn’t felt for a million nights and didn’t think he would ever feel again. It was maddening and intoxicating and if he didn’t put his fangs in the boy soon he thought he would certainly go insane.

Jonghyun took in Kibum’s scent one last time, his fangs ready and sharp against his tongue. He tilted Kibum’s head further to the side with the hand that was still in the boy’s hair, almost biting his own lip when Kibum shocked him with a hand down his pants. The boy was panting and grinding and the harder Jonghyun concentrated on controlling him the more desperate the boy became. Jonghyun thrust into Kibum’s hand just as he sank his fangs into his neck.

Jonghyun felt the warm, intoxicating blood, the blood that tasted stronger than any he had tasted in his long life, burst into his mouth. He felt himself harden in his jeans, Kibum’s hand gone from the moment he bit into the boy. He knew he would scream. The moans that followed the initial scream, however, were unexpected. The hand covering the back of his neck, pushing his mouth against the current of blood spurting from Kibum’s neck was even more unexpected. Jonghyun pulled back with a hiss, starving eyes shooting to the fresh wound, watching the blood trail down Kibum’s skin to stain the pure white of his school uniform shirt.

Jonghyun lowered his head, ripped open the shirt and licked up the trail of blood. He lowered his head once again to lick at Kibum’s nipple, allowing his fangs to nip at the sensitive skin, relishing in the whimpering moan the human boy let out at the sensation. Without waiting another moment he lowered his hands to Kibum’s thighs and lifted the boy, pinning him against the wall and biting into his chest, drinking the blood that spilled into his mouth with a savage desperation.

Kibum’s legs closed around his waist and Jonghyun wondered if he’d ever have his fill. Usually he simply fed and left the body, but part of him didn’t want this encounter to end, he wanted to prolong it as long as the boy‘s humanity would allow.

He felt Kibum’s erection through their pants against his own hardness as he licked the trails of blood on the boy’s warm, sweat-slicked skin. Jonghyun could feel the boy’s strength waning, could feel the life draining out of Kibum’s body as he drank mouthful after intoxicating mouthful of his blood. Jonghyun licked his lips and lifted his head, eyes taking in Kibum’s pale skin, dark brown hair completely covering his eyes. Jonghyun could see as well as hear the boy’s labored breathing and didn’t know if it was from excitement or blood loss - probably both. Before he could do anything, Kibum shot forward and smashed his pale lips against Jonghyun’s bloody mouth, jerking forward and slicing his bottom lip open on Jonghyun’s fangs. Warm blood flowed into Jonghyun’s mouth once again and as much as he wanted to extend their time together, he found himself helpless against what was offered to him. He devoured Kibum’s mouth, their tongues twisting together, blood dribbling out of their mouths and down their chins.

Jonghyun continued to feed.

It took eighteen minutes after the initial bite for the boy’s body to become limp.

It took four minutes after Kibum stopped moving for Jonghyun to bite into his wrist and lower it to Kibum’s slack mouth.

Suddenly, it was more than just blood.

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