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LOL THIS IS SO LONG WHAT. idek. But I need to love on jaesus, who listened to me complain about this fic and read a small part over msn and was really sweet and didn't say "LOL YOU SUCK GET OUT" which I appreciated very much. ♥ And I'm sorry, holdmeifyouwant, but onkey had to be written out. :(( and of course, love for ontokki, who is kind of my JongKey queen and inspiration and ilher maybe too much idk. :/

Transitions (Vampire AU series)
4,099 words
A/N: this is a sequel to Blood, which was part one in the series.

It was three nights after Kibum’s transformation that the boy finally awoke.

It took the better part of a half hour for Kibum to stop screaming.

Jonghyun had seen many transformations, back when he used to travel with the man who turned him into what he was. No matter if the vampire was a man or woman, they all awoke the same way after the transformation. Screaming.

The boy was flailing on the bed when Jonghyun rushed into the room, deep blue cotton sheets twisted around his thrashing limbs, screams reverberating off the walls. Kibum was wearing nothing but the black boxer-briefs he’d been wearing when Jonghyun had undressed him three nights before.

Jonghyun grabbed both of the boy’s wrists and pressed them against the mattress, pinning his body down under his own weight. Kibum’s head continued to thrash back and forth in front of Jonghyun‘s face, his hair a sweaty, tangled mess and his eyes shut tight. After another endless few minutes of desperate struggling, Kibum’s screams finally died down to desperate groans.

When his eyes finally opened, he stared straight at Jonghyun’s face, centimeters from his own. Kibum’s large brown eyes lost the wild look in them, that look slowly being replaced with one of deep suspicion. Kibum’s first actual words were spoken quietly, his voice raw from the screaming - he wanted to know what had happened to him. He probably wanted to know why he woke up screaming, why he felt different, why he was feeling such a sudden, desperate hunger. His face crumbled in on itself as Jonghyun quietly told him exactly what had happened three nights before, explained that he had no choice, and told Kibum that they were the same now. A couple of undead boys, stuck together.

First Kibum denied it, screaming No as he thrashed backward and forward on the bed under Jonghyun. He fought desperately until his thrashes became nothing more than weak tugs against Jonghyun’s tight hold.

And then he cried red tears, repeating the words “home” and “grandmother” until they became something like a painful mantra, which then became nothing more than a long broken sob.

Jonghyun hated transformations.


A car horn broke the heavy silence of the dark room. Jonghyun continued to stare at Kibum, who had been a vampire for five days and had yet to drink a single drop of blood. Jonghyun had tried everything; a high-school girl, a young male office worker, even a bag of animal blood when Kibum had shown no interest in human prey. He’d refused everything.

“What if I don’t want to drink blood?” Kibum had curled into a ball on Jonghyun’s couch, his hair still wet from the first bath he’d taken in days, body wrapped in Jonghyun’s black cotton robe.

“Simple,” He spoke to Kibum’s back. “You’ll die.”

Kibum laughed into the leather couch, a cold empty laugh devoid of any joy. “Aren’t I already dead?”

“I’ve been told that for vampires, there’s nothing as painful and excruciating as death by starvation,” Jonghyun said, turning away from Kibum to look at the night sky from outside his window. “Is that really what you want, Kibum?”

“What I want is for you to leave me alone and stop trying to feed me for five fucking minutes. I‘m not a child.”

“Yes you are,” Jonghyun said, walking over to the couch Kibum was curled on. “And on top of that you’re an insolent brat, but that’s beside the point. You need to eat.”

“Fuck off.”

Jonghyun bit into his own wrist for the second time since he’d met Kibum. What was different the second time around was that Kibum wasn’t unconscious for the feeding and he wasn’t human - but like last time, he was once again dying in front of Jonghyun. As annoying as the boy was, Jonghyun couldn’t help but be fascinated with him, that special, intoxicating scent, the way he spoke without the slightest hint of fear, the way he seemed to love being bitten even before he was a vampire…Jonghyun was hooked.

He wouldn’t lose Kibum now.

Without speaking, Jonghyun grabbed Kibum by the back of his neck and ignored the boy’s protests, shoving his face into his bleeding wrist. There was a small struggle before Kibum gave in, and Jonghyun felt as well as heard him hungrily slurping blood from the wound. Kibum clawed desperately at his arm and Jonghyun winced when the boy’s nails broke his skin. The wounds healed and Kibum made more as he continued to drink, Jonghyun’s blood trailing from his chin down his neck, some of it dripping onto the black rug.

Kibum lifted his blood-stained mouth and stared up at Jonghyun’s face, smiling, giving Jonghyun his first glimpse of Kibum’s new fangs.

“Why didn’t you just tell me it would be this fucking good?”

Jonghyun laughed, and when Kibum lowered his head, his fangs breaking the skin of Jonghyun’s wrist, his laugh turned into a low moan.


It had gotten out of hand.

“You’ll have to start feeding from others.” Jonghyun said just after wound on his arm closed, the third Kibum had made in that feeding alone.

“But I don’t want to, it’s gross,” Kibum licked the trail of blood down Jonghyun’s arm, harmlessly raking his fangs against the skin. “besides I have you, and your blood is perfect, why do I need anything else?”

“Because if this goes on any longer you’ll drain me.” Jonghyun spoke in a stern voice, his hand gripping the arm of his chair. At first he'd enjoyed being fed on by Kibum, it was thrilling, a bit of a turn on. But that had soon lost its novelty, and it was quickly becoming a burden. Kibum was becoming a burden.

Kibum bit his red lip, fangs retracted. With the blue jeans and black vintage tee he was wearing, and with his messy hair, he‘d look every bit the typical teenager. The trails of dried blood on his chin paired with the deep red of his lips and tongue said differently, however.

“Why don’t you just, I don’t know, keep eating lots of people and let me drink your blood afterwards.” Kibum said with a shrug. “There, problem solved.”

“First of all, I don’t eat people, I feed from them - there is a difference,” Jonghyun ignored the eye-roll from Kibum and continued. “Secondly, no, problem not solved, we won’t be doing that. It‘s ridiculous.”

“This whole situation is fucking ridiculous,” Kibum said under his breath. He crossed his arms and legs in a show of immature defiance. Jonghyun was not impressed.

“Why did I turn a teenager?” He asked out loud, more to himself.

“Fuck if I know.” Kibum said as he started picking blood out from under his fingernails. “Maybe you’re a pedophile. How old are you anyways? Twenty-one?”

“Shut up,” Jonghyun said lazily as he leaned back in the chair he was sitting in and stared at the ceiling, trying to calm himself. “I wasn‘t talking to you.”

“Then who were you talking you?”


“Whatever, asshole.” Kibum scoffed.

“Please. Stop. Cursing.” Jonghyun said the words slowly, patiently.

“Eat. My. Cunt.” Kibum said the words even slower, with relish.

Jonghyun stood and left the room, slamming the door behind him.

It had only been seven days and he was losing his mind.


Ten days had passed since Jonghyun had turned Kibum, and he’d finally decided to ask the question that had been in the back of his mind from the beginning. The way Kibum acted around him, the way he’d reacted to being bitten the first night, it wasn’t normal. He’d been putting it off, since he’d discovered Kibum’s moodiness and attitude problem to be much worse than he could have imagined. The boy seemed to do nothing but complain, feed off Jonghyun, sleep, insult Jonghyun - which included name-calling and dirty looks, usually both at the same time, and watch television.

“Why aren’t you afraid of me?” Jonghyun asked, and while he almost knew better than to expect a straight answer, he couldn’t help but hope for one.

“Because you’re kind of stupid?” Kibum didn’t even bother to look away from the television. “I don’t know, what kind of question is that?”

“See, that, there,” Jonghyun shifted on the couch, facing Kibum and sitting on his bent legs. He tossed his blonde hair out of his eyes with a short flick of his head. “You just called me stupid - for the third time today-”

“Because it’s the third time today you’ve been extremely stupid - wait, you’re counting?” Kibum raised a thin eyebrow at the television.

“And you’re not afraid of what I’ll do to you.” Jonghyun ignored Kibum’s interruption and continued. “Then there‘s the way you reacted to the bites that night.”

“Does any of this actually matter?” Kibum said, sounding every bit as irritated as he looked. “Attitude, reactions to bites, who gives a shit? I‘m watching TV.”

Jonghyun stared and then sat back, facing forward. “I see.”

It took a lot to get Jonghyun really angry, he’d been the same way as a human, and it hadn’t changed. He liked to think of himself as a level-headed, rational vampire most of the time. Of course, he’d never spent so much time in the presence of someone as frustrating as Kim Kibum. The vampire who turned him used to say that Jonghyun must be one of those types, the type that showed no signs of genuine anger until they finally snapped, losing control. With the amount of patience Jonghyun had, he’d never reached that point, so he figured he was just the type that never got violently angry. A laid-back vampire; stranger things existed.

Kibum picked up the remote and changed the channel to some drama, the cries of the young woman on screen blasting from the surround-sound speakers as he turned up the volume, jolting Jonghyun from his thoughts. Jonghyun grabbed the remote from Kibum’s hand, ignoring the indignant squawk, and turned the volume down. It took two seconds for Kibum to snatch the remote and turn it back up, louder than it had been before. Kibum stared at the screen as he threw the remote onto the glass coffee table, the clacking sound it made on impact barely audible over the song playing on the drama.

Jonghyun stood from the couch and walked over to the plasma screen television, and in one swift movement, grabbed it and easily threw it across the wall. He found deep satisfaction in both the loud crash, and the mixture of shock and fear clear on Kibum’s face.

“That’s enough fucking television for now.”

Later on, he’d look back and realize that he really must be one of those angry types.


It was the night after Jonghyun’s sudden - but completely understandable and probably far overdue - explosion of anger that Kibum shuffled into his bedroom, the door closing behind him with a soft click. Jonghyun was spread out on his bed, clad in only his dark red pajama pants, his eyes closed.

Kibum‘s words were sudden and sharp, “I’ll eat animal blood.”


Jonghyun made no move to acknowledge the other boy. Instead he opted relax, soak in his victory, and let the other think he was asleep. Kibum could go hungry a little while longer. Maybe he’d appreciate everything Jonghyun had done for him the past few days, including opening his own veins so that Kibum wouldn’t go hungry. Jonghyun felt deep satisfaction as he heard Kibum’s shoes tapping impatiently on the carpet, his inhumanly sharp sense of hearing not missing a beat, as usual.

“Stop pretending you’re asleep,” The annoyed tone in Kibum’s voice was unmistakable. “I know you’re not asleep, it’s no use pretending, so just open your eyes, get out of bed, and get me some goddamn animal blood before I starve to death.”

As Jonghyun had expected, Kibum was standing at the foot of his bed with his arms crossed, looking every bit as irritated as he’d sounded. Jonghyun sat up and stared openly at Kibum. He hadn’t expected the change of heart to come so soon - he’d figured Kibum, with his stubborn personality, would drag things out and stomp like a child. It was a pleasant surprise.

“Finally,” Kibum let out a short huff. His eyes narrowed slightly. “What are you looking at?”

Jonghyun didn’t answer. “Animal blood?”

“Yes, okay? I give in, animal blood. Even though it‘ll probably kill me-”

“It won’t.”

“If it makes you stop complaining for like, I don’t know, even five minutes, it’s worth it.”

Jonghyun smiled. The boy really was so interesting, even as he stood there glaring at Jonghyun and biting the inside of his bottom lip. They’d had a fight, Jonghyun had been violent for the first time, and at that very moment Kibum stood there looking like he was grudgingly doing Jonghyun a favor. For all the stress and annoyance he’d caused, the boy could be cute sometimes. Kibum was becoming uncomfortable under his stare, that much was clear, as the biting turned into a nervous worrying of his bottom lip, and he shifted his weight back and forth.

He cleared his throat and fixed Jonghyun with an uneasy look. “Oh, and one more thing,”

“What is it now?”

“I’ll drink your animal blood or whatever, just…no dog or cat blood,” Kibum said, obviously thoroughly disgusted at the very thought. “If I find out you fed me kitten blood or something like that, I swear to god I will slit your throat with my fingernail and drink out of your neck like it‘s a goddamn wine fountain.”

Jonghyun stared. “You’re such a fucking weirdo, oh my god.”

“Whatever,“ Kibum shrugged. “Go get my food.”

Before Jonghyun stood to his feet, he heard Kibum mutter a quiet “Please,” under his breath. He smiled to himself, but didn’t make any other show of acknowledging the gesture, knowing it would only upset Kibum and set them back a few paces.

And they were finally making progress.


It took three days for them to comfortably fall into their new routine.

Their nights would start with Kibum getting out of bed and heating up whatever animal blood Jonghyun had left him in the refrigerator when he got in that morning. Jonghyun got the blood from a vampire who knew a another vampire who had a human admirer who just happened to be a butcher for a supermarket. It only cost him twenty-thousand won a pint, which wasn’t much to Jonghyun. He’d come across a small fortune back in the early 1900’s and invested it wisely. The rest was, as they say, history.

There was no doubt that Jonghyun looked forward to the day Kibum would be willing to bite humans and feed like a normal vampire. He couldn’t live off animals forever, no matter how comfortable he seemed to be with the idea. Well, he could, but Jonghyun thought Kibum deserved a better, stronger existence. He was starting to see potential in Kibum, as he became increasingly less hostile as the days passed.

Along with the semblance of routine and normalcy, Jonghyun felt his attraction to Kibum gradually returning in full force. It had always been there, it was simply smothered under his deep annoyance and general resentment of anything and everything remotely having to do with Kibum. But with all that falling away, all was left was the feeling from that night; the inexplicable need to be closer to Kibum, to taste him, to feel him.

It definitely wasn’t love, Jonghyun was sure of that much. It was another emotion, one as dominant as hunger and as unrelenting in its demand for Jonghyun to just consume Kibum, until he‘d had his fill. It was an exhausting feeling, and being around Kibum so often was a certain kind of torture, as he didn’t want to make the first move. No matter how much of a willing participant Kibum had been the night they’d met, a lot had changed since then. Jonghyun couldn’t assume that the same spark would still be there - at least, not from Kibum’s side.

And so he would wait.


There was nothing particularly special about that night. Jonghyun was stretched out on the couch in his living room, the TV turned off and a book in his hand. He was wearing dark grey pants, his black belt and black shirt had been tossed behind the couch. The book was a mystery novel, and Jonghyun was just about to find out what the main character had discovered in the drawer when he noticed Kibum stand next to the couch and look down at him. Jonghyun tried to get back to his book, but when he‘d realized he read the same sentence five times without really reading it, he deciding to just find out what the other wanted. He looked up at Kibum, a lopsided smile playing about his lips, and sat up.

“What is it n-” Jonghyun couldn’t finish, because suddenly his lap was full of Kibum and their lips were joined in a quick, sudden kiss.

Jonghyun opened his mouth to Kibum’s tongue as he felt his hands spread across Jonghyun’s shoulders, nails dragging along his skin. The sensation shot straight to his groin and he moaned into the other’s mouth, his hands grabbing Kibum’s thighs and bringing their bodies even closer together.

Their hips found a steady rhythm, and it wasn’t long before Jonghyun could feel the hardness through Kibum’s pants, and he knew Kibum could feel him. Jonghyun felt that same hot, desperate feeling well up from the pit of his stomach, that feeling that was more intense when he was with Kibum than it had ever been before.

Once again, Jonghyun felt compelled take everything from Kibum until there was nothing left, until Kibum only knew of him, only thought of him. Until Kibum’s entire world revolved only around himself.

Jonghyun trailed his hands through Kibum’s black, unevenly cut hair, pausing to yank it just hard enough to make him break their kiss and throw his head back, moaning. Jonghyun felt his fangs extend as he stared at the other’s neck, so very close to his mouth, so very tempting. He leaned forward and let his fangs harmlessly graze against Kibum’s neck, lowering a hand to guide Kibum’s hips as the boy shuddered at the sensation of Jonghyun’s fangs on his skin.

Their bodies moved to a beat only they knew; Jonghyun couldn’t hear it, but he could feel it. He felt it rushing through his blood, its bass vibrating through his body. He knew Kibum could feel it, too.

Suddenly, Jonghyun smelled blood - Kibum’s blood - and his eyes shot open. The first thing he saw was red, and he realized that Kibum had to be crying, even as he stroked Jonghyun‘s stomach and rocked his hips. He moved his hands to Kibum’s face and slowly pushed him away, trying to ignore the broken sob that finally came from him and the desperate way he was kissing, as if kissing Jonghyun was the only think keeping him alive. Jonghyun hadn’t seen Kibum looking so weak since the night he woke from death, and it was something he never wanted to see again. The boy was broken, beginning to openly sob in Jonghyun’s arms like a child, messy bloody tracks trailing down his face.

“I - I’m sorry, I--” Kibum said as he leaned down towards Jonghyun‘s neck, the words were little more than choking sobs. Jonghyun couldn’t understand the rest of what he said, as it was muffled against his skin. Not that it really mattered.

Jonghyun whispered in Kibum’s ear, pointless, simple whispers, trying to calm him down. As time passed, Kibum’s hold on Jonghyun’s shoulders became weaker, and his sobs began to quiet down to small hiccups. By the time Kibum’s bloody tears had dried on Jonghyun’s skin, the boy was composed enough to sit up, still seated on Jonghyun’s lap. Kibum’s eyes, wet and red and tired-looking, avoided his own. His face was a smeared with blood and his hair was pushed out of his eyes, a messy sweep across his forehead. Kibum wordlessly detangled himself from Jonghyun and sat down on the couch next to him, the only sound in the room was that of his sniffles.

As much as Jonghyun wanted to ask what happened, he knew Kibum well enough at that point to not pry. He would wait, and Kibum would tell him when he was ready.

“I want to go for a walk,” Kibum said, twenty minutes later, his voice rough and tired sounding. They had sat there, neither of them saying a word, until that.

Jonghyun’s head snapped to the right, and he fixed Kibum with a disbelieving stare. He didn’t know what he was expecting, but he never in a million years would have guessed that Kibum would say he wanted to go for a walk. Not after a breakdown like that. Kibum didn’t return his stare, didn’t do anything but look straight ahead, his arms crossed loosely in front of him.

“A walk? Where? Now?”

“No,” Kibum’s voice sounded almost too calm. “Tomorrow.”

Jonghyun didn‘t understand, but he decided to just go along with it anyways. “Um, okay.”

“In the morning.”

“What?” Jonghyun was sure he’d heard wrong, he had to have heard wrong. Either that, or Kibum had completely lost it. “You can’t-”

“I’d like to go for a walk tomorrow,” As Kibum spoke, his voice began to shake, but he cleared his throat and composed himself. Jonghyun didn’t try to interrupt. “I want to meet my friends in the park and take pictures with our phones. I want to ride the subway in the morning and say hi to the old lady that passes out flyers. Have you ever been on the subway in the day, Jonghyun? I mean - you know, before - well, if you ride line 2, you get the best view of the huge fountain in the Han River when it goes off. It’s crazy. My grandma showed it to me when I was seven….she‘s really nice, my Grandma.”

Jonghyun didn’t know what to say, so he chose to say nothing. Even though it has been so long since he himself had been turned, the memories of the people in his life as a human were as fresh as any other memory. They were the only true family he’d ever known, and while the pain wasn’t as bad as it once was, it hadn’t completely left him. He didn’t think it ever would. Time doesn’t heal all wounds.

He wouldn’t tell Kibum that. He’d learn on his own.

“You know my family probably thinks I’m dead or that I ran away or something. My mom probably cries all the time - she cries for everything - and my grandma…” Key took a deep, shuttering breath and ran a hand through his already messy hair. “I’ll never see them again, will I?”

“No,” Jonghyun’s answer was simple and honest. He saw no point in lying to Kibum. “You won’t. It‘s better this way.”

A slow nod was the only response. Kibum’s eyes were fixed on a spot on the floor and his back was hunched over.

“Come on, let’s clean up.” Jonghyun said, standing to his feet.

Kibum uncrossed his arms, put his hand in Jonghyun’s, and let him lift him off the couch and lead him to the bathroom.

Jonghyun knew it would take time, but he still hated having to see Kibum in such a condition. It was a helpless feeling, and he hated being helpless. It was something humans were supposed to feel, not vampires. And certainly not Kim Jonghyun. But the simple fact was, he wasn’t the same as he used to be before Kibum. His world had changed drastically - both of theirs had, in different ways.

As Jonghyun felt the water under his fingers, waiting for the hot water to come through the tap, he couldn’t help but let his mind drift to their future. He knew he was in charge of Kibum for his first year of his life as a vampire, but what would come after that year was unknown. What he did know was that he didn’t like seeing Kibum cry, and he had to admit that he enjoyed having him around.

It wasn’t love. Jonghyun hadn’t loved since he was a human - he wondered if he still even knew how.

But it was something.

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